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Could Biofilm Be the Source of Your Dry Eye Symptoms?

When was the last time you washed your eyelids? For women, they’ve usually washed their face within the last 24 hours, either to remove makeup, or you’re just as part of their normal skincare routine. Some men wash their face daily, but for others, it’s just a part of their normal shower routine whenever that […]

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BlephEx: Treatment For Dry Eye & Blepharitis

These days, it seems like every eye care practice offers some kind of dry eye treatment, and there’s a good reason for that. The last few years have shown eye care professionals exactly how prominent and disruptive dry eye disease can be.  But even though most people understand dry eye treatments are available, I find […]

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Eyelid Infections: How They Form & How To Avoid Them

Eye infections like pink eye are serious business. Most people know and respect that, which is great. But I don’t know that enough people understand the importance or possible severity of eyelid infections.  Your eyelids are exposed to a lot of heat and moisture, which creates an excellent environment for bacteria to grow. On top […]

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