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Digital Eye Strain

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Digital Eye Strain - Detection & Management

Are You One of the Millions of Americans Suffering From Chronic Digital Eye Strain?

While society as a whole is getting healthier, one area where we see a surge in symptoms is eye strain. Eye strain is common, with up to 70% of Americans experiencing the effects of eye strain right now. The symptoms of eye strain, though generally mild, are both uncomfortable and a major impact on workplace productivity.

Who is at Risk for Digital Eye Strain?

Most Americans spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer screen or using their smartphone. Youth are a rising demographic impacted by eye strain, as they tend to be more integrated into digital processes (such as working on a computer and communicating on their smartphone).

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More About Digital Eye Strain

Eye strain doesn’t require a digital device to develop. However, digital displays exacerbate eye strain symptoms and are increasingly common in our society.

Prolonged periods spent concentrating, as we do when we are reading or focusing on a laptop display, fatigue our eye focusing muscles. Because of this, reading and computer usage are both known to be major causes of eye strain.

Many variables influence the prevalence of digital eye strain. Factors such as ergonomics, viewing distance, and ambient lighting play a big role in the development of digital eye strain.

Eye strain isn’t associated with debilitating symptoms. For the most part, its symptoms are mild and also temporary. They include:

  • Eye fatigue (hard to keep your eyes open)
  • A burning or itching sensation in the eyes, even when blinking
  • Sore neck, shoulders, and upper back
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Symptoms similar to dry eye (a result of a reduced blink rate)

During your eye exam, Dr. Baldwin will assess your focusing system to determine the best way to relieve your eye strain. When appropriate, she will prescribe glasses with specialized features that are designed to alleviate eyestrain caused by computers, smartphones and other devices.

They may be lenses that you could wear all of the time, or lenses you may just want to wear while doing heavy computer work. These glasses can also have a special coating on them designed to block blue light rays emitted from digital screens, as research indicates these wavelengths may cause long term retinal damage.

Behavioral changes can have a distinct impact on eye strain. Taking frequent breaks (such as getting up every hour to go to the water cooler) allows the eye a reprieve from focusing so intently, as well as introduces mobility and variation in posture.

Following the 20/20/20 rule is the best way to minimize eye strain. Simply put, every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This lets the eyes and their focusing muscles recharge, delaying the onset of eye strain symptoms.

Controlling your environment can have a big impact on eye strain. Reducing glare and increasing ambient lighting will both make it easier for the eye to focus, reducing strain on the focusing muscles.

Properly setting up your workstation for ideal ergonomics will also help reduce eye strain. Ensure your monitors are at least 31” away from your face, and choose a chair that supports and encourages proper posture.

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  • Dr. Baldwin has been wonderful to us. Her knowledge and thoroughness is very high and her staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We have been very pleased with the care and consideration we have received from them all.

    Kathie Abel

  • I've never had FUN selecting glasses before. The Eye Gallery team is fantastic--who knew that getting new glasses is better than shoe shopping?

    Jill Laffoon Rose

  • Dr. Baldwin and her team are amazing. Megan is a top notch optometrist and her team is well-trained and professional. You won't find a better eye doctor in the Wichita area.

    Aaron Bushell

  • What an amazing experience. From the beautiful office, to the knowledgeable staff. The best part was how Dr. Baldwin actually listened to me and cared about the things that I cared about. I've had a lot of bad experiences with doctors in the past, but she dispelled them all in my first visit. I highly recommend to anyone.

    Josh Huckriede

  • I've been going to the The Eye Gallery for 2 years now and find Dr. Baldwin and her staff to be top notch. They are very easy to communicate with and offer excellent service.

    Mathew Muether