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Our Practice Uses New Technologies

That Empower Faster Diagnosis & Better Treatment

Taking the Guesswork Out of Eye Care

The eye is an incredible organ, and not only because it is responsible for sight. Inside the eye is an intricate network of blood vessels, cells, and important cellular structures that paint a telling picture of your health. Not only can we detect developing eye diseases, but we can also see signs of diabetes, stroke, and other health concerns.The level of detail we are able to see when we examine your eye is astounding.

We Get Up Close & Personal With Eye Diseases

Utilizing state-of-the-art imaging equipment, such as our iVue OCT System, we can take detailed images of the eye accurate to within 5 microns.

This level of accuracy allows us to see glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy when they are in their very early stages, often weeks or months before traditional diagnostic methods would have been able to do so.

State-Of-The-Art Eye Care Equipment

Our investments in leading-edge equipment are also investments in our patient’s health, and we leverage this equipment during our eye exams for adults, kids, and senior citizens.

  • OptoVue iVue OCT With iWellness
      – Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) is a diagnostic method that takes detailed scans of your eye and eye structures, including your optic nerve. Using the iVue we can test for vision-threatening eye diseases, such as glaucoma4, macular degeneration5, and diabetic retinopathy6.


The iWellness scan does in seconds what used to take multiple exams and pieces of equipment: provide a comprehensive snapshot of your overall eye health.

This scan does a deep dive into your eye health, specifically at your retina (the light-sensitive part of the eye) and ganglion cell complex (where the rod/cone cells reside). It allows us to detect eye disease months and sometimes years ahead of what was possible prior.

  • Zeiss Visucam – Digital retinal photography, also called “fundus photography”, allows us to see the inside of your eye in ultra-high resolution. Diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma are very visible using this diagnostic technique, empowering us to make more informed diagnosis and treatment plans.


  • Icare “No Puff” Tonometer – One of the most uncomfortable tests that optometrists perform is the measurement of your intraocular pressure (IOP). Previously, this involved a brief pulse of air being directed at the eye- something that many patients found uncomfortable.Using the Icare, we can take the same IOP measurement without the air puff, and without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Nidek TRS5100 Refraction System – This equipment allows us to provide you a visual comparison between your past and current prescriptions. By using this we are able to determine not only your current corrective lens prescription (and to great accuracy), but also the differences your new prescription will make in your vision compared to prior ones.

Our Reviews

  • Dr. Baldwin has been wonderful to us. Her knowledge and thoroughness is very high and her staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We have been very pleased with the care and consideration we have received from them all.

    Kathie Abel

  • I've never had FUN selecting glasses before. The Eye Gallery team is fantastic--who knew that getting new glasses is better than shoe shopping?

    Jill Laffoon Rose

  • Dr. Baldwin and her team are amazing. Megan is a top notch optometrist and her team is well-trained and professional. You won't find a better eye doctor in the Wichita area.

    Aaron Bushell

  • What an amazing experience. From the beautiful office, to the knowledgeable staff. The best part was how Dr. Baldwin actually listened to me and cared about the things that I cared about. I've had a lot of bad experiences with doctors in the past, but she dispelled them all in my first visit. I highly recommend to anyone.

    Josh Huckriede

  • I've been going to the The Eye Gallery for 2 years now and find Dr. Baldwin and her staff to be top notch. They are very easy to communicate with and offer excellent service.

    Mathew Muether