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Wichita, KS / (316) 315-0321

Proactive Eye Care Safeguards Lasting Vision. Book Your Eye Exam Today.

Comprehensive Eye Exams at The Eye Gallery in Wichita

Caring for your eyes is the most important thing that we do. As eye care professionals, we know how complex and fragile our eyes are. Working closely with our patients, we watch for changes in visual acuity and eye health.

Our OptoVue OCT Utilizes Advanced Software – iWellness – to Detect Eye Problems Years Before Traditional Diagnostic Methods

We are currently the only eye care practice in Wichita utilizing the iWellness to its maximum potential. This innovative, fast, and pain-free technology gives us unprecedented visibility into your eye health.

Healthy Adults Benefit Most From Eye Exams Every One to Two Years

The American Optometric Association recommends annual or bi-annual eye exams, even if you feel your vision is ideal. This frequency ensures that vision-threatening eye diseases, such as glaucoma, are detected before they have had the opportunity to impair vision.

Most eye diseases develop with no signs of trouble. Glaucoma, for example, slowly carves away at your peripheral vision- most people don’t notice until they already have some degree of tunnel vision.

Schedule your fast, non-invasive eye exam at The Eye Gallery today. Book your appointment.

During the Eye Exam

Test Performed

The eye exam is broken down into two parts: pre-testing, which is completed by an optometric technician, and doctor evaluation, which is completed by Dr. Baldwin.The pre-testing involves several non-invasive diagnostic tests, including:

  • Retinal imaging, using the Zeiss Visucam retinal camera
  • Ocular coherence tomography, using the OptoVue iVue
  • Visual field analysis
  • Tonometry, using the “no puff” tonometer

Dr. Baldwin will then perform a few additional examinations, including:

  • Visual examination, to assess the eye physically
  • Peripheral vision testing
  • Phoropter, using the Nidek automatic phoropter to determine prescription strength
  • Slit lamp exam

Dr. Baldwin may perform additional tests as needed.

Our eye exams serve two functions: they determine how well you can see (and whether or not you need glasses); they look for signs of developing diseases and other conditions that may influence your vision.

Most of the time, when someone needs to wear corrective lenses it’s because of a common refractive error. There are four types of refractive errors: myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia (also called “aging eye condition”).

During the eye exam we will determine if your vision requires correction. Most refractive errors can be managed successfully with corrective lenses (eyeglasses and contact lenses).

Unfortunately, our eyes aren’t always the best at telling us when something is wrong. With many eye diseases being asymptomatic – meaning they don’t have obvious or painful symptoms – detecting them before they influence your vision is key.

Our practice uses some of the most advanced technology available in eye care today. Using it, we can detect even the most subtle of changes to your vision.

Working together, we can reduce the influence of eye diseases by as much as 95%.

Our Location

You can find our office east of highway 96 on 21st, right across from NewSpring Church. There is plenty of parking and easy access into our complex just off of Collective Lane.


The Eye Gallery
2146 Collective Lane - #110
Wichita, KS, 67206

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